Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this weirdness."

Hello boys and girls. Welcome to today's IA meeting. My name is Nichole, and I have a problem. The internet-crack pushers found out where I live and won't leave me alone. Most days my internet use can be considered average. And then, there are the binges.

Take last night, for instance. We didn't have internet for most of the day at work. So, I came home and binged. For four hours. "You be here FOUR HOURS!" Sure, some of it was in the name of "research". . . but I think to myself "I'll stop at 9:45." "OK, I'll stop at 10:30." "Seriously, 11:00 is the cut-off!" And, I know it's serious because I usually go to bed way before then!

The last several years I worked at G&O I noticed a trend. Lent - the Catholic tradition of giving something up between Ash Wednesday and Easter - was a big deal. Last year a friend of mine told me that her sister-in-law gave up the internet. I'm not Catholic, and I've never done Lent - although on my mission my companion and I gave up chocolate for an investigator once - but I'm thinking there's some merit to it.

S0, I'm considering giving up the internet for Lent next year. It's a scary thought. In fact, it induces panic just thinking about it: no e-mail no looking up phone numbers no Google searches just FMI (for my information)

It's something to think about. . . .

[Title quote is from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End]

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Jen said...

okay you are so funny! and giving internet up for lent isn't that scary cuz by next year you will have come up w/ a reason why you shouldn't do it! at least i would! I am loving internet now that we have high speed, what a wonderfully marvelous waste of time it is! but i love it!

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