Monday, September 24, 2007

“Your best day - what was it. . . ?”

I LOVE to see 9/23 on the calendar. It was and is my best day ever!

Yesterday, we celebrated by going to church and looking at our wedding photos. We also got invited to eat dinner with M's brother and his family. 8 years doesn't seem like enough time, so we're hoping for many many more years. I'm so glad I get all eternity to be with this one!

In other words, for those "Friends" fans out there: He's my lobster!!!!

[Title quote is from "City Slickers"]


Jen said...

How fun! You guys are so cute!
ours is coming up in november! 8 years!!! crazy!

Caroline said...

Girlfriend! I was blog-hopping and here you go and pop up! You guys look so cute. Big question now, 8 years later, do you still think your wedding dress is cute? Gotta love how the trends change. Anyways, congrats!

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