Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Don’t you want to be taller? You’re a midget in 34 states!"

Last night we were at the stake president's office. M was there to meet with the pres, and I was there for moral support. I reviewed the lesson I'm teaching in RS this Sunday, and then I wrote in my journal. Among the topics I wrote about was "wishes" - my current wishes, old childhood wishes, secret wishes only I know. It was a cool topic to explore, and to think about. I've been reading The Secret, and maybe putting my wishes out there in the universe will bring their realization to me sooner. If not, I'm still happy!

I've been doing some blog hopping and happening on blogs of people from high school. It's really strange and bittersweet when this happens. I wasn't much for high school when I was there, and am even less interested now. But, how wonderful to find out what everyone's up to and how we all ended up in different paths than we ever imagined for ourselves, much less for each other.

I guess my point is, no matter what we wish for ourselves, I am so so SO grateful that Heavenly Father keeps it straight and has even greater wishes and plans for us than we can even fathom. I trust him and I love life!

[Title quote is from "Ocean's Thirteen"]

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CaROlInE said...

You said it, doll! I always get this weird, sort-of elated, yet totally anxious kinda vibe when I hop across people I haven't seen in years. Very twilight zone. It's definitely strange to see how everyone's lives have begun to play out. . .

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