Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"All this fuss over a stupid book? Why don't you people get your priorities straight? Hel-lo!"

I finished a novel on Friday evening. Starting bright and not-so-early Saturday morning, I began another novel by Sophie Kinsella, about 350 pages long. I was really reluctant at first, because I was mad at and holding a grudge against the author. But, it was a b-day gift. . . so, before I know it, I've finished it in 3.5 days, 2 of them spent working full time.

Don't get me wrong. (Obviously) I love the book. I love the whole series, and this book was no different. All weekend I was addicted and wanted to take it everywhere with me. {Don't worry, I refrained.}

But, I still just can't shake my ire at the author. Until about 2 months ago, she was my favorite. I gave her books out on loan, I talked her up to friends and family. I really loved her. Then, as I usually do when I'm at Target, I was perusing the book section. In passing, and nearly ready to leave the section, I saw this book by Madeleine Wickham. I ignored it the first time. But, the second time my interest was piqued (mostly because of the name Wickham - you know, from Pride & Prejudice?). So, I picked the book up and turned it over. First mistake. Then, I began to read. Second mistake. The book advertised that this Madeleine Wickham is "known as Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic books". I threw a right old fit (of the adult ranting/raving kind) right there in the middle of Target. Something along the lines of "I can't believe. . .! How dare she. . .! Of all the lies. . . !"

I'm still pretty mad about it, as you can tell. But, the truth is - I really love Sophie's characters! I love all of them in all her books. And she's funny! So are all her female characters. And they're bright, too. And charming. Arrrggggh! Why can't I just stay mad???

All I can say is I'm not reading that whats-her-face Madeleine Wickham's books. I've finally decided. No matter if she does call herself by the name of my favorite author. So there!

[Title quote is from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"]


Jen said...

the betrayal! I can't believe it! (I like the shopaholic books too!)

Caroline said...

ugh. I'll be mad for you. then you can get on to enjoying your books again.

trina said...

omg... had no idea! is it ok that i still like her books?

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