Thursday, November 29, 2007

"I'm a flibbertigibbet."

I've often wondered what people who overhear M's and my conversations must think. We've actually had strangers laugh out loud and us, followed quickly by an explanation of "you guys are cute." (Whatever that means!) Sometimes the laughter is followed by an awkward silence and no explanation. The other night I thought about some of the things people could, or maybe do, overhear. Here are some excerpts from real-life conversations at our house:

I mean, honestly! Who puts mayonnaise on someone's hamburger without their permission!?

You should know: this is not for doggy consumption!

There's only room for one superhero in this house, and I'm it!

We really should chingladero. (M's made-up word for "check the mail")

I'm starving! And you sit there merrily eating peanuts!!

Dear Allah. . . (at the beginning of blessing the food - to get a rise out of me)

(Tap tap tap on my leg at 3:00 a.m.) Yeah?
Wake up. You're snoring and I can't sleep.
(Later that morning) Like what kind of snoring? Little snoring? Or full on (make the noise) snoring?
Full-on snoring. I watched the alarm and waited for like 15 minutes, but you didn't stop so I woke you up. (It should be noted that this was said out of concern. I only snore when I'm sick.)

You walk faster than me, so you have to pace.
Oh, I get it. I'm the pace car!
No. I'm the pace car. If you pass me, you have to slow down and stay with me or behind me because I'm the pace car.

[Title quote is from "Joe Versus the Volcano"]


trina said...

too freakin hilarious!! i can soo hear ur voice all high tone and michel's so calm while all of this is going on... and then his chuckle which sends u fuming!! u r a flibbertigibbet!!

Jen said...

I second that hilarious motion!
I miss you! I miss the random comments! come live by us!

Nichole said...

Jen, If we could sell our house, I'd totally consider it. I don't know that M would, but I would. Currently there are no less than 5 houses for sale on our street. You can come and buy the one next door so I don't have to hate my neighbors. . .

Kristine said...

So funny! Its amazing how some stuff taken out of context are totally hillarious. Especially the pace car one!

Caroline said...

Dear Allah,

You are great. I love to read your true life moments.


Nichole said...

Anyone listening yesterday would have heard this one:

"Don't send a short woman to do a dirty man's work!"
"Dirty man!?"
"Er, I mean a man's dirty work. . ."

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