Sunday, November 11, 2007

"What's the prize? The Star Dazzle award?" (*part 2*)

Even though it took her "forever," I have to give a shout out to my real life sis Trina. She's played catch up and made some decent comments. I have to give her kudos for playing along and extra cred for coming over from MySpace to have a look-see.

(P.S. - T, you should check out my 10/12 psychotic jealousy post. I mention you!)


trina said...

thanks and i did comment on that one... sorry i'm such a doof, but i got the hang of it now and i'll be by more often now that i realize it's actually interactive!!

trina said...

i meant to add that i was hesitant about the comment on the "jealousy blog" cuz it was difficult situation for you and i didn't know what to say exactly... also saw los fdez page, it's awesome and tell M that i have some a/p books that are outta commision for me that he can have.

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