Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Vacation's when you go somewhere... and you never come back."

Oh, don't I wish that were true!

We're Ba-ack!!! We had a wonderful time and were very blessed to be able to go.

Frequent repititions of the following were heard issuing from my mouth: "It's SO pretty!" (about 150 times), "Oh wow! Look at that!" (about 50 times), "I can't believe how green/blue/colorful it is!" (approximately 25 times).

Before you go and hate us too much, the trade-off is essentially the absence of Christmas at our house. Plus, M will likely be laid off in the next few weeks. Woohoo!!

Pics will probably show up sooner or later. But I have to go unpack now. I told M I'd do that if he picked up the dogs from Jon's, but so far all I've been doing is blogging. (Thanks J & K for watching our mangey mutts!)

[Title quote is from "Forrest Gump"]


Caroline said...

YAY! I also bet you were making up delightful blog posts in your head about every 5 minutes too.

Nichole said...

Actually, I wasn't. I didn't check e-mail for a week, didn't carry my cell with me - totally checked out. I didn't think about blogging until yesterday. Weird, huh?

Jen said...

glad you are back, glad it was colorful, glad it was beautiful, sooo soooo sooo sad about m and his job. we need to catch up! let's get together!

Jonathan & Katherine Earl said...

Hey Nicole, thanks for the basalt sand. That's the coolest geology present anyone has ever given me. You two rock! Is there a specific beach that you got it from?

Kristine said...

I just wanna state for the record that you come up with the BEST headings to your posts. I could never think of all those cool quotes. It just amazes me!

Oh and where did you go on your Vacation? I don't think that was ever answered.

Nichole said...

Jon - Punalu'u Black Sand Beach is where that sand came from. And that we "rock" is a cool little geology pun - love it!

Kristine - thanks for the compliment. there's not a lot to it, but I do have my little secrets on how I do it. the answer to the million dollar question is: Hawaii

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