Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"I'm sorry, I'm too busy to ignore you now."

I'm not trying to be neglectful - honestly. I'm just pursuing some other ventures, but I suppose I should update and give a rundown of what I've been up to. So, here it is:

Thursday 1/10: helped M apply for a job (i.e. applied on his behalf). ate AJ's sushi and dessert before we're "poor". finally ran with the idea to start a writing blog - and e-mailed everyone I know from class, and posted it on my blog.

Friday 1/11: M had an interview. I was very glad it was Friday (TGIF kind of day). mulled around the house and ate dinner out (again) late. watched LOTR for the "umpteenth" time because we LOVE the first one.

Saturday 1/12: I woke up on time. M woke up late and puttered. we went to Jen & Eliott's (late) and had a fabulous time hanging out with them.

Sunday 1/13: woke up with a Headache. Tried to study my RS lesson for next week. Realized I LOVE my church, and actually cried because of it. Went to church. Said "hi" to nearly EVERYbody (very uncharacteristic of me). Wondered why I do what I hate for others to do: which is wonder why so-and-so hasn't had a kid, or think "it's about time for another" because the first is over a year old. Went to financial class during Sunday school, and resolved to do better. Took a short nap, interrupted by phone calls and dogs barking. Ate a weirdo "dinner". Took the dogs for a walk and felt like a good doggy mom.

Monday 1/14: Holy meeting day, Batman! I had 4 meetings scheduled. M was off again, so we had lunch together. it was fun! then had FHE about finances for 1.5 hours. we have a plan, ladies and gentlemen. Let's hope it works!

Tuesday 1/15: M's last day of work, but off early so he made both lunch AND dinner. I finally had the term "fugitive dust" defined for me today. I pondered why I still wait for every toilet to flush on its own like the one at work does. (I drink a gallon of water a day - so I "go" a lot). went to 10 minute sewer board meeting in the evening. then went to hospital to visit (and M to give blessing to) sister who had stroke. got to meet her son who is inactive. ate ice cream from baskin robbins. haven't done that in a while. watched some of Ocean's 13 for the 3rd time. I like M not having to go to bed as early. we get to stay up a little later. "bright side!"

[Title quote is from "A Good Year"]

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Caroline said...

You're so funny. I ♥ that you are wondering about other people's kids timeline... I just have never really cared. LOL.

And as far as my grocery budget, you would be astonished at the now vs. the Then. (jen could even vouch for me. We went to the grocery store a few times together and my total was always about $400 (!gasp!) not anymore. not by a long shot.)

anyways. you think you're a list person? Honey, you don't know the half of it ;)

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