Monday, January 7, 2008

"This is real life. The juice. The stink. The glory."

Live. Local. Late-breaking.

True scene from my life today: I actually had to type the phrase "fugitive dust" at work today. Yes, that's actually a term. It's an actual thing. Think about it for a moment:

Fugitive. Dust.

*&@#$???????? Yup, I had the same reaction.

On another note: I'm grateful for things like umbrellas, jackets, cars, and garages today so I can keep nice and quasi-dry in the rain. I'm also grateful for FHE and prayer, which is helping us have perspective beyond our own with M's current job dilemma.

Life is good today. And most days. Yea!

[Title quote is from “America’s Sweethearts”]


Jen said...

interesting! so did m get laid off? you will have to update us this weekend! we are excited to see you!

The Scotts said...

that is an interesting phrase. I love the blogging world and I too love garages and umbrellas. I think it is so funny that when I was younger I loved to play in the rain and did it all the time. Now it is just a pain to get wet and have to shower and change clothes!!

Caroline said...

I get it. Especially here in AZ with dust storms and monsoons. And example if you will.

"Man, that fugitive dust held me up for 40 minutes and then the darn thing stole my wallet!"

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