Sunday, January 6, 2008

"You're gonna have to deal with the results! Whatever they are, we're gonna have to deal with them just like we've dealt with everything else."

Ah ha!!! Now we know what you REALLY think of us!!

We've tallied the votes and here are the results of the pop quiz about perceived reasons we are yet sans bebes:

63% of you think we're too chicken (challenge accepted)

27% of you think we're mentally or, at the very least, socially slow (duly noted)

27% of you believe it's about our egos (. . .ok, maybe)

none of you think "10" is our magic number (even though we're getting close!)

9% of you believe we love to travel too much (we'll give you that one!)

27% of you think we're waiting for an immaculate conception (I'll take an immaculate birth instead)

9% of you think we're just weirdos (I demand you tell me who you are at once!!)

To see the results for yourself, take a look at that the original poll, which has now been moved to the bottom of the page.

[Title quote is from "Reality Bites"]

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