Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I realized it was my hair that was making my head hot."

Update on the adult-throwing-fits thing:

Today we went golfing again. Today I suffered only 1 (ok 2) of the aforementioned afflictions. And I had new clubs. A gift from M. Probably because I scared the living crap out of the poor man last weekend! And because he's nice like that!

Today I was only headache-y and hungry. My good man cut up a bunch of fruit and we ate it on our way to the course, followed closely by two advil. But my tank was on "E" by about the 7th hole.

Today not a fit was thrown. I'm happy to report the only thing I threw were golf balls. And only to get them back and forth from me to M.

Today it was just us. And we had a good time. And good conversation. We had a twilight tee time and were seriously the only people on the course. It was lovely! (Not so lovely? My score!)

See? I can play a grown up in real life!

[Title quote is from "Napoleon Dynamite"]


Jonathan & Katherine Earl said...

So glad to know you are feeling better. We are feeling better at our house too. We had the flu or something really nasty go through the household. I'm telling's no fun being sick, especially when you have a little one to take care of. Also, it's no fun having to clean up the mess made by a two-year old who has thrown up in his bed in the middle of the night! One nice thing is that when I wasn't feeling well, and I was reclined on the couch, Andrew came over to stroke my head very gently and say, "Ahhh, Mommy...bebby yucky?" He kept giving me kisses and patting my head for me. Anyway, glad to hear your spirits are up. --Katherine

Jen said...

YAY! glad you didn't throw anything but golf balls, but it is much more fun to be a kid and get a way tantrums. sometimes i just don't wanna be a grown up!! There was a time in a target that i threw a fit and eliott made me get in the shopping cart and pushed me around the store. kinda funny kinda embarassing!!

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