Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Goodbye, cruel world!"

I'm feeling uninspired. I have a list tucked away in my purse of possible topics, but there's just too much going on. Plus, I'm kind of not feeling the love. Plus, I'm helping M with school. Plus, we're going camping this weekend and we all know camping is a lot of work. Plus, I'm not feeling the love. And I've kind of become addicted to it. And that's really scary for me. Plus, I'm going through a sort of funk.

I'm feeling a little like Kimberly. Except that I don't have the readership she does. And I'm not consistently interesting like she is. Whatever. I feel like her anyway.

What I'm saying, dear people, is that I'm taking a blogging break. I know, I know. I've threatened to do this once before. But this time. . . well, it's this time. I'll still be updating my running progress, but that's about it.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon. Or maybe, just maybe, I might find my life suddenly unfettered by the drive to compose and post some utterly interesting tidbit, by the absolutely insane addiction of comment grubbing, by the gulps of time and air and space blogging steals from my life - and I might just love the freedom.

So, I bid you adieu. For now.

Hope to return soon. . . or not,


[Title quote is from "Futurama" (TV)]


Jen said...

do you know how sad this makes me? when you blog it doesn't feel as if we live in never never land! that just means we will have to actually hang out more!!

Kimberly said...

Umm...how childish am I that my initial reaction is, "Hey! No faaaaiiir!"

You will be muchly missed, not just the bits of you I'd gotten to know, but the bits I was looking forward to. Still, it's hard to begrudge someone the opportunity to really live their life, you know?

Trina said...

ok, so i saw this yesterday and did not comment and somehow i thought today u'd have a new post. u don't. i'm sad, but that justs means that i'll have to call u more or u'll have to answer more of my calls!

Sarah Blue said...

Hi, This comment is regarding a post you wrote on Ms. Adventures about THE talk. I wanted to make a comment, but the post is gone now, so I've followed you here. I'm not a stalker. Actually, I'm MomBabe's big sister. :) Feel free to delete this comment as soon as you read it, I just wanted to tell you about three GREAT books that helped me with my kids.

1. How to talk to your kids about sex by Linda & Richard Eyre
2. Where Did I Come From by Peter Mayle & Arthur Robins
3. The Care and Keeping of You by the American Girls group

These are all fabulous resources. I especially like them because they were all appropriate for younger children. I feel strongly that the "Facts of Life" should be treated as such...Facts. Not something weird or taboo, but as something that we can have an open dialogue about.

Each book offers a different aspect of THE talk. Eyre's book tells you HOW to talk to your child, Mayle's book gives you the facts about sex-with no mention of masturbation or contraceptives & abortion, and the American Girl book tells girls how to take care of their bodies from Head to Toe and includes menstrual information.

Well, this is a lengthy comment. I hope it helps. Good Luck!!

Michelle Hall said...

Hey Nicole! I found you...somehow :) I love your blog! Hope you don't mind if I add you to my links :) See ya soon!

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