Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Because you thought I was cocky, I'm now on a permanent acid trip?!"

These are the things you think when you're trying to sleep but you can't, even though your head aches and your throat is on fire and your body feels like it's been hit by something large from behind.

Remember my gem of a post wherein I ran into my former professor? As I'm laying on my stomach, which I never do unless ill, trying to drift off into oblivion with a brain that's decided it's not tired, I'm suddenly struck by angst at the thought of "what if she saw me and was avoiding ME instead of the other way around"?

I tend to overheat at night so I can't sleep with a blanket in the summer. But the *&#@! sheet won't stop "billowing" in the wind of the fan, and keeps "softly" striking against my legs just enough to keep me awake!

What if I'm not better in time to keep up with my running this week? Will I lose progress and have it be that much harder? Cuz, um, that would suck!

Why oh WHY is it 1:45 a.m. and I'm still not tired enough - despite being ill - to just GO TO SLEEP already!?! Could it be I OD'd on sugar rather than real food? Please just get tired already! For serious!

I should look up a recipe and find out how to cook the spaghetti squash my FIL brought us from his garden. Oh, and I should grow a garden. Scratch that. M should grow a garden for us.

I SO SO need a crap-ton of sleep right now. It's kind of too bad I have no Nyquil. Or Tylenol PM. Or anything of that nature. Sad. . .

[Title quote is from "The Family Man"]


Jen said...

I hate those nights. and if you had anything to help you sleep your next thing would have been,"oh man it is too late to take something now cuz then I will never wake up" at least that would have been my next thought!

Miranda said...

Take Melatonin, but only the 3mg dose. When I have trouble falling asleep (sick or not) I pop one of those and I get the best night's sleep ever- I actually dream, which I never do any other time. Plus it's a naturally occuring thing in your body, so no side effects like sleeping medicine. You may have a slightly harder time waking up though, but I think it's only cuz you're in such a deep sleep.

Jonathan & Katherine Earl said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well; I hope it passes quickly and you have a wonderful, deep sleep tonight. --Katherine

Kimberly said...

Oh dear. You know it's bad when you consider drugging yourself up just to sleep, eh?

Nichole said...

I read up on Melatonin and it sounds great... I can't take it though. It'll interfere with my plans.

Any other suggestions, since I had ANOTHER crappy sleep last night?

Miranda said...

What plans are those?!?!? The only other thing I've got is meditation. It takes a lot of practice though. Lay in bed in a comfortable position (on my back for me), close your eyes and breathe in deep for a 4 second count and then exhale for 4 seconds. You'll probably have to count on each inhale/exhale. Concentrate on your body just completely resting and relaxing. Try to blank out your mind- this is the hardest part. I try to picture only black and focus on my breathing. If a thought comes in just gently nudge it out and go back to focusing on....well, nothing. When I have a hard time falling asleep, I do this and usually before I know it I'm out. Don't know how well it will do for keeping you asleep. Hope it helps!

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