Sunday, July 6, 2008

“In your race for power and glory, you forgot one small detail."

As a member of a group chick blog, I'm hesitant to call out another chick blog like this, but I can't just NOT say something in this case. I will not link to them, nor will I use the full name of the blog here. (My reasons for doing this are several: I don't want to increase their blog traffic, I do not wish to have those who aren't familiar with the site go see the mess that is there, and I simply want to "warn" those who frequent that blog about the atmospheric and spiritual superstorm that is going on there.) If I catch hell from them and their ilk for doing this, so be it.

When I first started reading fMh, I thought they were an interesting, thought-provoking group. When we started our group blog, they were an example I set forth as what we aspired to. Admittedly, I wasn't an avid or committed reader, but I did have them on my Google reader subscription and would check in on them from time to time and read their take on things.

Recently there was a post asserting the death of traditional marriage. The original post was interesting on its face, but it quickly spiraled out of control in the comments, which included a lengthy discussion of gay and lesbian marriage. Commenters further implied that they were "not going to follow the leaders on this one" and that our leaders are "just good men with their own opinions". Sadly, the moderators did not reel it in. There was a particular commenter who was lambasted, even by the mods, for quoting church teachings - words of prophets & apostles, folks - rather than "contributing to the conversation". Besides the commenter with the quotes, there was ONE other commenter who said something like "yep. you guys have officially crossed the line. I'm leaving you," but in a very nice way.

In an "anonymous" comment, I seconded her notion, said I was unsubscribing and did so immediately.

I checked back only to see the nature of subsequent responses. There were only two additional comments along the lines of what me and the other commenter said. One even said something like "do you think the presidency messages for both June and July are coincidence?" So, job done.

Except I feel compelled to come here and try to be a warning voice to the rest of you. (don't make me give you the "it's my blog and I can do what I want to" speech!)

Any site that calls itself "Mormon" yet permits the blatant dismissal of church teachings. . . . well, to each her own, but I'll not have it. The atmosphere over there feels neither lovely or of good report.

So I left. And ran here to warn you. That is all.

[Title quote is from "Weird Science"]


hayngrl101 said...

Hmm kay, your post just made me like you even more than I did before. Can I be like you?

Danielle said...

Very well said.

Kimberly said...

Well put! I visited there once or twice in the past, but while no line had yet been crossed, I could see the foot extended...thinking about it.

the MomBabe said...

I stopped reading them a long time ago because well, there's been things like that in the past that just felt wrong. ya'know?

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