Monday, November 24, 2008

"Someone get a rabbi down here to bless this chicken. Tomorrow we're gonna go kosher."

Note to self:

If your boss is Jewish, it's probably not a great idea to say "I'm going to make sure the exhibits are in order so everything's kosher for signing the agreement."

Especially not during Thanksgiving week.

Mental note:

Stop using "kosher" as a synonym for "in order", "good", "acceptable". . .

[Title quote is from "Accepted"]


Jen said...

okay now that is funny!! thank you for providing a good chuckle for me today!! i totally use it the same way!

Kristine said...

THAT is FUNNY! Something I would TODALLY say and do. Guess its good that I am around kids all day then... they are not very easy to offend.

hayngrl101 said...

Seriously. I used to work in an office and my female boss was always referring to this or that person as a 'schmuck'. One day, she came to work and was telling us that she was reading a book and learned that 'schmuck' was yiddish word for penis. She of course was mortified, and even more so when she learned that a number of us staff people knew exactly what she was calling everyone. BTW, the office was a state govt office of human resources where all state job applicants came to seek employment. It was a funny day.

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