Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Oh! Americans! Strange people, lovely manners."

And so goes the story of how my manners evolved one Saturday:

I began the day being grouchy because my dogs were suddenly barking incessantly. It's a well documented fact that I'm irritable when I'm woken up unnecessarily. (Isn't it?) So. I yelled "Shadup!" The neurotic one continued barking.

I threw up the covers, pulled my sleep mask up, and rapped my knuckles hard on the window just once. Still she did not relent. So I knocked on the window in a series of quick rapping, desperate to return back to my warm bed and get some much-needed sleep.

Ahhhh. Quiet.

Then, more barking. Anxious, hysteric barking. "Shudduppppp!" I yelled.

In the midst of my not-so-early and a little angry morning stupor, I realize the hysterics are because we have a guest in the house. M's British friend from work, with whom he is leaving to go on a hike. I'm officially an idiot! And for the first (and hopefully last) time ever, I hope M explains that I'm just customarily cantakerous and snappy if I awake before it is absolutely essential for my eyes to be open. And then, I return to SleepyTown.

Later, we're grabbing a bite to eat and M runs into someone he knows. M introduces us, and as this man comes toward me to meet me and shake my hand, he removes his ball cap. I'm instantly impressed! Like wow-chivalry-isn't-dead impressed!

So much so that as I walk back to our table and M remains behind to chat with his friend, I decide to wait for M to return to the table to start eating. Even though I was starving - having had only Honey Nut Cheerios and Dots the entire day.

I don't think M noticed my patient, newly found manners.

But, in my mind it's a whopping improvement over the crass and groggy yelling of the morning!

[Title quote is from "Mrs. Henderson Presents"]

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Jen said...

getting woken up is seriously the worst!!!!!!

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