Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Why? Because a specific list is a happy list. And don't forget it's chaos out there."

I started this little tradition last year, and now, the reprisal -My Year 2008 in Review:

~Top 10 Memorable Events~
1. seeing the natural beauty of this great state
2. camping in the snow
3. climbing the 463 steps of the Duomo
4. kayaking at Willow Springs Lake
5. finally beating migraines and tension headaches
6. seeing the Sistine Chapel
7. laughing so hard I cried
8. having a miscarriage and D&E
9. cutting down our Christmas tree
10. finding out who my real friends are and aren't

~10 Things I Learned to Do this Year~
1. run a 5k without stopping
2. organize a charity event
3. use MS Publisher
4. put together a wedding photo album
5. take pictures with my new camera
6. cover my head with a pillow so my rogue elbows don't beat up my husband in the middle of the night
7. push through exhaustion
8. hold my ears over my shoulders (instead of leaning out in front, which strains the neck)
9. become a follower of blogs
10. golf

~Top 10 Favorite Foods~
1. avocadoes
2. Los Gringos chips & salsa
3. baby carrots
4. Tortilla Land tortillas
5. Amy's Organic refried beans
6. warm French baguettes
7. Tazo Zen herbal tea with milk and honey
8. Dots
9. whole wheat crackers
10. thin crust veggie pizza with pepperoni

~10 Things I Discovered or Rediscovered this Year~
1. wearing chenille socks when hiking will cause you to lose a toenail
2. I am married to my best friend
3. two dogs is sometimes two too many
4. I am more adventurous, strong, and brave than I ever imagined
5. it's impossible to have both faith and fear
6. I like wearing earrings
7. I spit a lot when I run
8. I'm proud to be an American
9. we live in a beautiful world
10. God really really loves me

~10 goals for 2008~
1. continue running at least twice a week
2. read Jesus the Christ all the way through
3. spend some time on the beach
4. go to the T at least once a month
5. get all my photos up to date, on discs, and in albums
6. try, try again
7. wear skirts more often
8. eat more veggies
9. finish some of the books I've started and never finished
10. find better ways to teach

P.S. If you're wondering how I did on last year's goals, I was able to accomplish numbers 1, 8 and 9 and make decent headway on numbers 3, 4, 7, and 10. I've given up on 5 (for now) and numbers 2 and 6 weren't a complete loss. We did OK on 6 for a while, but it's made its appearance on the list again as number 4. And number 2 is on the list again as number 5. Got it?

So long 2008! Here's wishing 2009 brings what everyone hopes it will!

[Title quote is from "Chaos Theory"]


Jen said...

i love this! i need to do it too!!

Trina said...

i watched chaos theory last night and wondered if it was a movie u liked since we were just talking about movies... funny. love the list and hoping to make my own.

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