Friday, January 30, 2009

"Forgive me if I don’t give a flying fart in space!"

I'm all better now. You know. Now that I went and made you all (?) worry. I know it's OK to cry. It's just that I don't like to.

In other news, my laptop is kaput. M is smack in the middle of an all-out repair. But he's also smack in the middle of a Big School Deadline. So, I'm not so flow-going with the post-writing. . .

In other other news, I loved LOST this week. It was fabulous to find out that Widmore used to be an Other. Oh and that Richard really never ages. Oh, and that the whole time-space continuum may be the very reason Locke ever even came to the island. Self-fulfilling prophecies or some such thing.

More news: I found out just today the names of M's fishies. The oldest and smallest fish is Squiggy. The other two are Laverne & Shirley (even though they are boys) (so says M). He says he was wondering today as he was cleaning their tank if he should get a few more fish, but decided against it. I insisted he has to at least get a Lenny to round out the foursome. He agreed (because he's easily swayed when it comes to fish).

I'm SO stoked it's the weekend!! I'm gonna go make some chamomile tea and put some honey in it and curl up with a feverish M on the couch and hope we both get un-sickish. Tomorrow I'm baking cookies with my sis. Then I might find myself hitting golf balls. Or rollerblading. Or chillaxin' in a book store. Or watching a movie at a theater. Or playing games with some friends. Or doing some of the ten million other things I want to do right now. . . . 'Cause weekends ROCK!

[Title quote is from "What a Girl Wants"]

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Jen said...

your weekend sounds fun! maybe we should be those friends that you play games w/ in the very very near future!!

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