Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Maybe I went to bed one lonely night in December and I imagined it all. But I swear, nothing has ever felt more real."

A month in pictures. . .

In December, we decorated our tree with nearly 1,000 mini bulbs.
That tree was the highlight of our Christmas season. Excepting of course, for those portions of our light strands that refused to light no matter how many times we changed the fuses and searched every bulb for the faulty one.
We witnessed magic in the heavens.

And went to my family party, where Santa made his annual appearance.And where I shocked family people by holding lots of babies. And where I laughed until my eyes leaked and my stomach ached. T graduated nursing school! Hooray! She didn't smile once up there, but I still thought her "speech" was the funniest.M went hiking with his friend. This is the view from Flat Iron on the Superstitions.I bundled and wrapped myself to keep warm, and made M promise me I could turn on the heater for Christmas.We made a new tradition of going four-wheeling on Christmas Eve. We went to Bulldog Canyon with some friends in their jeep and saw some awesome sights.
Then, we went and saw Jesusat the Visitor's Center. We looked at the lights and watched the Christmas Eve program. It was fantastic, since I got my wish and the performer (a nice tenor) sang "O Holy Night" - my favoritest Christmas song!Afterward we stopped by my mom's for homebaked goodies and hot cocoa.

She worked herself into exhaustion the next day, preparing cheesy potatoes and a ham for all of us to full our bellies with for Christmas.We went hiking up First Water trail in the Superstitions, and crossed multiple streams full of cool, clean water from all the rain and runoff.Who says it doesn't snow in AZ?M took his brother hiking on Hieroglyphic Springs trail in the Supers. And then we rang in the New Year at home
and in Tucson with M's family, where we noshed on all kinds of lovely goodness and chatted for hours.Phew! It was a crazy fun month! Nice and relaxing, filled with family and fun. The least stressful Christmas I've had since my childhood for sure. . . Can't wait until next year!

[Title quote is from "The Family Man"]


Danielle said...

I love all your Arizona pictures. I'm missing it already. (okay, I started missing it just as soon as we hit a snowstorm on our way back to Utah!)

Jen said...

that looks like a fabulous month! I couldn't decide how to blog christmas, w/ so much happening but i like your way. maybe i will steal it. and i loved the tree w/ all the lights!!

Miranda said...

I love that picture of all of us! I have to get copies of the ones M took. And I totally agree that this Christmas was definitely less stressful than previous years..... wonder why that was???

Michelle said...

It was a wonderful Christmas! I loved your pictures. Those pics of the Superstitions remind me of why Justin and I moved here. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I agree- i can't wait to carry on the Spirit of Christ(mas) all year long. LY!

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