Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"What’s a girl in demand going to do?"

They're ba-ack!!!

Remember a week or so ago when I rated movie kisses?
Well, the kisses between 2 of the three possible pairings of
this love triangle are not only hot & heavy,
but also the buzz of the tv kissing world!

Who knew?

Also in the "who knew" category is the fact that there are scads of Losties who are divided into two camps when it comes to the aforementioned triangle:

Skaters and Jaters

What, you didn't know either!? What kind of Lostie are you?

As you may have guessed,
Skaters are the Sawyer + Kate = twoo wuv folks
while Jaters are the Jack hearts Kate 4-evah fans.

If I had to pick a side
if I was really forced
I'd totally go Jater up in this beyotch.

And I base my decision on the fact that toward the end of last season Jack actually told Kate he loves her. Oh, and plus (plus!) they totally hook up in the flash forwards.

Next season starts TONIGHT and I can't wait to see what happens. . .

Jack telling Kate "But I saved you from that island!"!?
Des & Penny (also twoo wuv) have a baby!?
Sun is a gun-toting, vengeance seeking mama!?
Who the crap paid to have that plane dropped in that 4-mile chasm!?
Why is Charles Widmore so interested in the island?
What happened to Claire?
Who's alive? Who's dead?
Why does Richard never age?
Will Ben ever get his comeuppance?
What is the island?

So many questions, so few episodes.

Writers take note: you'd better deliver!
(Or we Losties, Jaters or no, will hunt you down and hurt you!)

[Title quote is from "The House Bunny"]


Trina said...

i have to agree on all the above w/ one exception: i'm a skater fan!

Rachel said...

I will admit I started as a Skater, but moved into the Jater camp because Jack just rocks. When Sawyer went with Locke instead of Jack it was curtains for him in the Kate department. He made his bed - now he can lie in it alone. His choice!

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