Monday, February 23, 2009

"I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT... "

I have a question I've been pondering all week. Since Wednesday, actually.

See, in the city in which I live, there's a lot of political brouhaha happening right now. I work for this city so I hear and know a lot about it. We have a former mayor that was selected for a council vacancy and is now running for re-election. He is also a member of my stake presidency. There is a group that is attempting to recall 5 of our 7 current councilmembers. One, possibly two, of these individuals are also LDS.

The political scene around here is getting pretty ugly. One of the members of this recall team stood up in our recent council meeting and accused the councilmember/stake presidency councilor of yelling in her face, despite "having some common ground" (i.e. religion), and of getting ugly and spreading falsehoods in the local paper.

The question I'm grappling with is this: where is the line in the sand? At what point does standing up and lying in public to sensationalize an issue cross the line into territory of not respecting our church leaders?

Personally, I think it's wrong to accuse anyone of lying and getting nasty in the political arena when that person has ever proven himself to be calm, collected, and level-headed in every instance I have ever seen him in. Particularly when the accusation is public. Particularly when the accusation is for personal political gain. And even more so when he is a leader of your stake. . .

It's bad juju, I tell you.

While I continue to mull this over. . . what are your thoughts?

[Title quote is from "The Big Lebowski"]


Jen said...

OOHHHH that is one arena I will stay out of. I think it always gets ugly in politics. I agree bad juju!!

Michelle said...

Man! It's time for us to stand up and fight! Just kidding! That's terrible that it has come to this....I hope the previous mayor/stake presidency member wins :) because he's that good :)

Anonymous said...
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