Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Have you tried the lost-and-found department?"

FOUND: Profound exhaustion. In mint condition. Free to a good home.

LOST: Writing Mojo. Last seen wearing an orange sweater, purple capris and chenille, rainbow colored socks. In possession of spiral bound, recycled-paper journal with polka dots on the front, a blue fountain pen, and a busted Sony laptop. Mojo is believed to be in hiding and was last seen leaving with Brain, who is on a seemingly permanent vacay. If you spot either of these motley creatures, please make them call home immediately. Their owner is very concerned for their safety and misses them tremendously.

[Title quote is from "Frankie and Johnny"]


mom said...

blame it on saturn. it screws everything up. my mojo is gone too.

Jen said...

i am sorry you lost your mojo. but you still entertain me!!

Future Mama said...

Haha, I feel ya, but you haven't lost your mojo!! I still love it! I feel like I'm lacking some lately though so I feel ya girl!

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