Saturday, March 7, 2009

"I'm picking up your sarcasm."

In case you were wondering, I HATE painting. I really wish I didn’t.

I still haven’t touched up the washer/dryer area of the garage (over a year ago now), nor have I finished my bookshelf cabinet doors (4 years ago? 5 now? ). I’m trying to consider how I can work lavender purple into my bright nursery color scheme (I can’t)so we don't have to repaint that room when it comes time. {not an announcement!}

That’s how much I don’t like painting. We need to redo the ceilings in our house (white) and I can’t even fathom that big of a project. Makes me want to throw up. Which I hate even more than I hate painting.

That's all.

[Title quote is from "Tommy Boy"]


Miranda said...

You do know Chuck's dad is a painter, right? Maybe I can sweet talk him into doing me a favor- you know, that is if you ever decide to actually do it. :-)

Future Mama said...

Well you know... There's always wallpaper :o) haha!

Oh but really, I've seen these wall sticker things that you can stick on and take off multiple times... almost like magnets or something but they're not magnetic... maybe use stuff like that as accents.

I hate painting too so I feel your PAIN!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TO PAINT,remember? just let me know when.

mom said...

oops that anoymous person was me I forgt to sign my name.

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