Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Elucidate on that!"

I love full moons. Not the Urban Dictionary variety. . . the real flashlight-in-the-sky type. It's light, even in the dark! Bonus!

I love my job. I laugh often. Things I read. Things I hear. Today I overheard my boss liken a certain behavior to an act of thermonuclear war. I rushed back to my office to laugh my head off while he continued his phone conversation.

I love my family. We're loud, we're crazy and we're pretty much rowdy, but we are fam-i-ly. (Plus my big little bro fixed his little big sis's air conditioning, which she thinks is pretty freakin' awesome!)

I love my husband, who has bravely entered a whole new world of work again this week, complete with commute, and has lived to tell the tale. Also, he makes me laugh. No other man I know could watch the History Channel and walk away from it saying "I love watching Hitler" and proceed to mimick Mr. H's right-handed heil sign. So random. So M.

I love the gospel. I found myself very grateful for my beliefs as we shared a Family Home Evening lesson with friends Monday night. I'm in a very grateful mood lately, and this one tops the list.

I love air conditioning. I love my house (even as cluttered and messy as it is). I love the promise of whispering pines and unscheduled naps on an air mattress next weekend. I love Bob Marley and the Wailers greatest hits CDs. I love LOST season finales. I also love making new blog friends.

[Title quote is from "The House Bunny"]

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