Thursday, June 11, 2009

"That ain't no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, Homeskillet."

We went today for The Ultrasound. The one where they tell you if your growing melon (and it's ripening contents) are healthy.

We were so convinced we are having a girl, that it was more like "let's go find out what we already know - oh, and make sure everything's healthy". More than anything else, I was really looking for them to green light me for the next 20 weeks or so. I need that kind of long-term comfort right about now.

I've decided it would be freakin' awesome to be an ultrasound tech. But only the baby taking kind. Our techie was fun, what with her letting me empty my bladder at the beginning of the ultrasound ("you look like you're going to burst") and her "powers of persuasion" to get "coy" babies (we decided this was a better way of saying stubborn) like ours to move around and do an about face, which mostly just means she bounced the wand up and down on my stomach, irritating our baby into coercion, until it finally gave in and rolled over for a few precious moments so we could get a good profile picture.

She slipped up once, revealing the sex and then covering herself by adding a quick "or whatever" before asking "you do want to find out, right?". My telling her our conviction that it's a girl only served to confuse her further.

See, we've each had multiple dreams about a girl. Specific dreams. About a specific girl. The same girl. We've checked her features against each other's envisioned recollections and, yup, it's our girl.

Our techie checked every angle, often coming back to that general area to check and check again. What she thought was umbilical cord turned out to be "boy parts".

So much for our conviction.
We are shocked. Shocked! And awed.

The tech left the room to get more paper for our first baby photos, and we sat there reeling. I said "we're going to have to think of boy names now. And we'll have to enter the Great Circumcision Debate. Wow! This is totally unexpected!" You wouldn't think a 50/50 chance would leave someone so surprised, but there it is.

I've kind of adjusted and feel like I'm going to soon be in "deep smit". M will get there too. He would love nothing better than a house full of girls, but at least now "I'll have a fishin' buddy". And we have a photographed "W" in black and white to prove it. Not the "U" we were expecting, but we're happy and he's healthy.

I got greenlit. Good fluid levels, placenta is not low-lying as originally thought, and everything looks healthy. The baby has 10 toes and all the major parts. We're in business!

[Title quote is from "Juno"]


Danielle said...

Congratulations!! Boys rock!! That's crazy you were both having dreams about the same girl. You'll get her someday, I'm sure. :)

Jen said...

I am so incredibly happy for you guys! This is so exciting!! I love it! Congrats on that little man!!

Miranda said...

Yea! I can't wait for my new nephew! Matthew says you should name him Patrick. Not sure why... Anyway, boys do rock! Especially now that the girls are reaching maturity and just thinking about everything that they're going to be going through in the next few years (Harley's already starting with the hormones and 'bird-eggs'). Oh- and it will be able to stick up for and protect his little sister, too. You have to let me know if you have a specific color scheme in mind- I have something up my sleeve!

Trina said...

wow!!! btw love that quote and have used it alot!!

Kristine said...

I LOVE that quote from Juno...

and CONGRATS!!! Beyond excited and boys are a ridiculously good time.

the MomBabe said...

Boys are totally fun. WAY different from girls, but fun.

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

Let's here it for the boys!

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

We are totally psyched for you! We love our boys, and we are excited to meet your little guy! It's so fun to see Andrew try to be just like Daddy. He loves to get his hair spiked with gel and brush his teeth with Dad. M will find that his "little buddy" will be the highlight of his life.

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