Friday, June 19, 2009

"We're going to fight fire with marshmallows."

Over Memorial Day weekend,
this guy
and I packed up our gear and went camping at
Big Lake,
where we had rain and

hail almost every day.

But, no biggie, since we stayed warm and dry
and M got to fish to his heart's content

on a canoe, no less.

We took along the dogs

and spent our free time contemplating the deeper things of life

like why on earth the fluffy dog pictured above would feel the necessity of

hiding her food under pine needles, leaves, and dirt.

From the bears, maybe?

We also wondered why on earth we always forget

how much work it is to camp and how much time we spend

packing, unpacking, setting everything up, cooking, cleaning up, cooking again, keeping the fire lit, and on and on.

Speaking of fire, what is it about fire that makes it so mesmerizing?

Seriously. Ever notice how quiet it can get around a campfire while everyone stares into the flames, lost in their own thoughts. . . . ?

[Title quote is from "Toys"]


Miranda said...
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Miranda said...

The funny thing is even though camping is so much work, there's still something that is so relaxing about it. I love camping!

Jen said...

ahhh I love camping! it is alot of work but oh so relaxing. we get to enjoy some of that over the 4th! so excited!

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