Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“’Of what do you wish to write?’ ‘Of the heart.’ ‘Do you know it?’ ‘Not all of it.’”

I’ve had the sublime enjoyment of being married to this guy

for 3,654 days (so far).

10 years ago today I was a 23 year old bride, nervous, excited, and ready to embark on our new life together. I promptly locked my keys, along with my dress, veil, and luggage, in the trunk of my car and one of my bridesmaids had to drive to M’s house to get the spare key while another rushed me to my hair appointment (sans the essential veil).

Running behind since the start of the morning (never a good sign when you’re the bride), I dressed at M’s house while he went to meet our photographer at the temple. Our photographer had taken extremely ill, so his wife was standing in for him. We took some photos and it was very telling about the anxiety we were both feeling when she said during one of the shots “look like you like each other”.

The peace that came as we entered the temple contrasted our hectic morning completely and I instantly felt myself relax. Our sealer gave us words of counsel about establishing peace in our home, about loving each other always the way we loved each other that day, about not taking out frustrations or anger on each other. He also told us several times that as long as we stayed true to our covenants, we would have God's inspiration and power in our home.

I could never have guessed that I would love M so much more 3,654 days later than I did that day, but I do. He’s my perfect match, suited for me in ways I never could have anticipated or hoped for. He's an amazing eternal companion and I’m so glad I get to keep him forever and ever!

[Title quote is from "Becoming Jane"]


Danielle said...

Congratulations! You can tell from the snippets you post about M that you two have a wonderful relationship. I hope you have many more decades together!

Jen said...

how fun. I love the recap of you hectic morning. And I am impressed you remember stuff from your sealing! I don't remember very much other than they called Eliott "jennifer Eliott" instead of "Jeffrey Eliott". Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary

Miranda said...

I meant to text you and say Happy Anniversary, but got sidetracked. T and I were talking on Tuesday and were thinking back to 10 years ago- she just had B and I was still pregnant- and how different things would be in another 10 years (you'll have a 10 year old and our kids will be heading into thier 20's!!!). Life is so amazing sometimes! I can't wait to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary (the kids will almost all be adults by then). Congrats!!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! You should post some wedding pictures too! LOL Congrats!

Michelle said...

That's precious! What a fun time for you both! Happy Anniversary!!

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