Thursday, December 10, 2009

"A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within."

Toward the end of my pregnancy, when I was bigpregnant and increasingly uncomfortable, I sat on the couch one evening and observed that my belly looked like a giant white globe.

I looked at my babydaddy and said "My belly is like a giant, white globe. An orb all its own." He agreed.

Then I further observed that it was pretty blank for a globe, and that all the colorful cartography usually associated with globes and such was missing.

Then I further observed that this might be because the world was on the inside of the largish orb I had grown accustomed to wearing.

A whole new universe of a person to be discovered and explored, a cosmos of form and personality previously unknown in this world.

So. . .

That's where I've been.

Discovering the world within, mapping out this new existence.

[Title quote is from "10,000 BC"]

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Michelle said...

I love this post! I'm thinking about you ~ i hope things are well! Merry Christmas to your family! ♥

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