Friday, January 8, 2010

"He'll flip you. Flip ya for real."

We have not been to a movie. . . in a long time. And we're HUGE movie people. (Hello, Captain Obvious!)

So. It's kind of expected (and the slightest bit ridiculous) how excited we are to go to the drive-in movies tomorrow night.

We're not huge drive-in movie kind of people. We've only gone to the drive-in 2 times in about 15 years. We're more theater kind of people.

But we have an infant now. And we don't want to be the kind of people we used to boil over at - the kind who bring tiny babies to prime showings of movies (the kind you pay a bajillion dollars to see lately) and refuse to leave the theater when those babies start to fuss and cry. So, we haven't gone.

BUT! But, tomorrow, we're going to get gussied up in our PJs, take some blankets and pillows and our cool baby bean bed, and the crazy (crazy!) amount of snacks and candy I bought at Wal-Mart, go to the drive-in of the fond memories from my youth, and watch a double feature of Sherlock Holmes and The Blindside for only 13 bucks.

And so, I am beyond ridiculously excited for tomorrow night. Did I already say that?

[Title quote is from "The Usual Suspects"]


Michelle said...

Good for you!!! It's all about adjusting your routine to fit your needs! :)

Jen said...

it sounds like you should be a bajillion times excited. cuz that sounds like a fantastic time! and you know if you ever wanna go to the real theater, i would be more than happy to watch that little guy for you!!

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

We were big fans of the drive-in movie once we had Andrew. We usually ended up falling asleep during the movie, though. Andrew loved it when he got older, too and could enjoy the movie along with us. Fun!

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