Saturday, January 30, 2010

"I detect, like me, you're endowed with the gift of gab."

Ever notice how people tend to drive better in the rain? Maybe it's in avoidance of the muddy, misty spray from the tires of the car in front of you, or the "fact" that it doesn't rain much in Arizona and the roads are thusly slick with the swirly mixture of oil and rainwater, or the widely known caveat to reduce your speed by 30% when it's raining. Whatever it is, rain makes people behave. At least while driving. Sort of.

It also makes people stand at the door of the grocery store, with their purchased goods sitting safely and dryly in their carts, looking outside and waiting for the ominous and ugly rain to pass. Why is it that Arizonans are always surprised - caught utterly unawares and umbrella-less - when it rains on a rainy day? And how do people in rainy climes do every day things like get groceries when it's raining Every Day?

I've been complimented on my hair color several times since getting it chopped. I always feel a compulsion to say "thanks. it's my natural color." Seriously. Like even to my own sister. Wha. . . ?

It's so strange to me that I never feel like I can leave the baby alone in the house, but feel perfectly fine doing so if there's another adult in the house.

There were days I would come home from school and my mom would have all the furniture moved around. I thought about this the other day and decided that, even though musical furniture chairs always infused a kind of newness and excitement at our house, I probably won't be that kind of mom. I used to think it was because "I don't like change". I've now decided that it's because I don't like the process of changing. (i.e. the work) (i.e. I'm too lazy).

I think it's strange that I only like the characters Orlando Bloom plays, but not so much him. Not really. I'm a little bummed that he quit Pirates and won't be in the 4th movie. I've seriously watched the first three movies more often than any other trilogy we own (Bourne and LOTR). Btw, I'm still not decided on who I like more - Will Turner or Legolas.

Is this random or rambling enough for you?

OK, I'll stop now.

[Title quote is from "O Brother, Where Art Thou"]


Jen said...

i love the randomness!!

Trina said...

you've been storing that all up... i to only like orlando's characters but not really him- my fav is legolas and pirate's was never my fav, can do lotr all day long though.

Trina said...

and i still love ur hair! was always kinda jealous that i got the mop hair!

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