Monday, February 22, 2010

"From here on out, I am only interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that's it. That's all I'm interested in."

M was excited last Thursday night because he tried to turn on the Olympics and saw the DVR was recording. “You recorded the Olympics for me!?” he asked, a mixture of incredulity and gratitude coloring his voice. I told him to hit “List” and as it came up on screen, I said “No. It’s recording Project Runway and The Real Housewives of Orange County.” “Oh,” he said, his balloon suddenly popped.

I told him to stop recording those dopey (un)Real Housewives and turn on the Olympics. “Really!?” he asked, his voice lighting up along with his face, then pausing, “are you sure?” Honestly, he was making me more generous than I really am – they replay those Housewives all the time.

The Olympics came on screen in time for us to see the women’s snowboarding (half pipe?) competition, and a promise that men’s figure skating was only 25 minutes away. So, even though the baby went to bed around 9:15, we most certainly did not. (Besides, he woke up again around 10.) Nope. We stayed up and watched men’s figure skating. With the volume very very low.

(Have I not told you how the TV is almost always on low volume or mute since we had a baby? Or how the lighting in our house is always subdued because we’ve employed the low-lighting we do have more than ever since he was born? This, from two people who love the TV loud – commercials excepted – and love bright light.)

As the men skated their routines, I critiqued. “He’s so stiff! I mean, his spins are OK, but look at his jumps. Totally stiff. Like he’s trying too hard.” Pretty much the same thing about nearly every skater. Abbott messed up. Lysacek did really well, not as stiff looking as he usually is. Lambiel’s spins were visually stunning and artistic, but his jumps were lacking.

And then came Johnny. My husband called him names. Well, one name. Which you can guess at because I’m not repeating it. M grumbled that Johnny was the only one who “looks like a woman” (referring to his costume). But when Johnny started skating, I looked to M and said “See? Isn’t that wonderful?” And even M had to admit “he’s very expressive.” Indeed, he is. In every way. He’s graceful in a way other male skaters are not. And he’s true to himself, a quality I admire in any person.

Plushenko was great, though I really feel like his jumps suffered and the same remarks that were made about an inherent lack of difficulty in Johnny’s program could have also applied to Plushenko’s. Well, except that Plushenko did his quad and Johnny didn't (but could have).

Still, Lysacek took the medal. Gold for the USA. Johnny came in 6th though I really think he should have been in 4th or 5th. Which is why men’s figure skating can suck it.

[Title quote is from "Almost Famous"]

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