Friday, February 12, 2010

"They sent you down here to keep an eye on me didn't they?"

I have long maintained that I just do not understand the appeal to American housewives of a book series about teenage vampire love. I don’t get it. I tried reading the book once in the literature aisle of my local Target. I was bored to tears.

And then this past weekend I did something I never thought I’d do.

I watched “Twilight”.

*hangs head*

See, we have Showtime free for a year and occasionally there’s a recent movie I haven’t seen on there and out of sheer curiosity I hit “Record”.

Despite being largely sheltered from the hype of the books and the movies, I’ve still caught wind of dialogues (mostly via blogs) of Twilight fanatics and antis. Officially, I have no opinion. It just doesn’t matter that much to me.

The movie? Was OK. The dialogue was schmaltzy. (I told this to my husband and he said “it was what?”) The music was good. The effects were OK.

The sad part is that despite the fact that the storyline is about the 2k9 version of star-crossed lovers, all I really want to know is more about the other vampire characters – Edward’s “family”. I keep wondering who they are. But not enough to read the books.

[Title quote is from"Lost" (TV)]

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Trina said...

glad you thought the movie was ok cuz if you woulda read the books it pretty much tanked in comparison. and i do think the cullen fam is facsinating myself.

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