Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Yeah, mind-bottling. You know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle?"

WHY? Why can my four-member staff coordinate their time off with amazing mental dexterity, but when it comes to two of them having to provide coverage for the lunch hour when two others are out, they can’t figure it out – so they come to me and ask what to do?

I say “what do you normally do?”
~Well, we normally split our lunch hours and cover it. One of us would go at 11:30 and the other at 12:30.
Then why don’t you do that?
~Well, because you’re back now and we wanted to know if you’ll be here.
No. Don’t rely on me to cover.
~OK, then what do you want us to do?
What do you normally do?
~Well sometimes J lets us close the office, but mostly we split our lunch hours.
How long have you been on the same lunch hour on a Friday?
What have you always done?
~Well, normally we split our lunch hours to cover it.
Then why don’t you do that?
~Well, we usually start that at 11:30, but didn’t even talk about it today.
You should probably have the same system in place for every time this comes up.
~(Blank stare).
Here's what you should do: close the office for lunch today, and come up with a system for every future instance.
~(Goes off to converse with co-worker). OK! We’re going to close for lunch today, and split our lunch hours in the future!

[Title quote is from "Blades of Glory"]

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Jen said...

wow. that was tough to figure out!!

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