Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Dude, why can't we talk about movies? We love movies!"

In case you haven’t noticed, movies permeate so many levels of my daily life that sometimes it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. I secretly wonder if people ever tire of me saying “oh! That’s just like in ____(insert name of movie) where ___________(insert similar-to-life scene)”.

More often heard, however, is my amusing (to me, at least) penchant for tossing out movie quotes triggered by daily conversation. (And, boy, do I mean daily!) (Seriously, I do it all.the.time!) Sometimes a single word will trigger an entire montage of movie quotes. Mostly people just stare blankly, which is all kinds of awkward. The other day someone said “loose cannons” at work and I said “Jones is a loose cannon, sir!” in my best pirate-y voice. My co-worker knew what I was talking about, for the record, and laughed as she ran away from the crazy movie-quote lady. (OK. Please tell me you know what movie that quote is in.) (hint? It’s from my favorite trilogy.) (omygoodness – do I need to do a post about my favorite trilogies?)

My verbal expressions (and after 10 ½ years of marriage, occasionally my husband’s) are likewise colored with shameless movie quotes and references. Witness:

~Falling down moment (n.) – the moment a person’s calm, collected exterior falls away and they completely lose it; also, the moment everything falls apart. As in I’m still waiting for the falling down moment. Movie: Falling Down

~Chorizo tacos (n.) – any food, particularly of the Mexican variety; can only be used if followed by a giggle and a quote of lines from the movie scene. As in “What are we having for dinner?” “I was thinking shredded beef burros.” “Chorizo tacos?” (giggle.) (movie quote: “Are you saying chorizo tacos? Don’t mess around man, 'cause I am super hungry.”) Movie: Land of the Lost

~Gayness (n.) – a handy excuse for lots of things, particularly mental distraction; sometimes followed by a quote of the actual movie line. As in I didn’t hear what you just said, ‘cause of all the gayness. (optional movie quote: “Man, the room is really starting to spin now. ‘Cause of all the gayness.”) Movie: Talledega Nights

~Hobbit feet (n.) – a reference to having short legs when one can’t keep up with her husband. As in Are your hobbit feet tripping you up? Movie: Lord of the Rings

~Creative control (n.) – doing things my way. As in Do not fight me for creative control! Movie: School of Rock

I could go on, but I worry about putting you into overload. Plus, I think you now know why if you give me a movie that has funny one liners (and is not overtly sexual or gory), I’m pretty set.

[Title quote is from "The Supermarket"]

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Jen said...

love it!!! we are movie quoting people over here too. I think at least once a week a friend will say something and i will start laughing and start trying to explain why what they said reminded me of the that time on "friends" where they did that one thing... it's kinda sad cuz friends is getting older and older and less people are remembering it. But man it had some good quotes!!

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