Friday, October 29, 2010

"If anything should happen to you I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably move on...but there would be a 10-minute period where I'd be inconsolable."

I recently called for guest posts. Brittney is a friend whom I have never met in person. Kindred spirits, as they say, can connect electronically. Just so you know.

So, we engaged in a trade. I helped her with this little tale. And she responded in kind:

When Nichole offered a guest post the possible topics spread out before me teasing me with the possibilities. What could I say? What would be funny enough to share on her blog? Suddenly all the options seemed like too much. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with too many ways to go with a guest blog.

So I asked Nichole if she had a topic she wanted thinking maybe she even just had a question about me she would like me to elaborate on.

No suck luck. She told me anything I had been thinking about was fine.


I have lots of things I think about. Hence why most of the last several posts I have done on my own blog is just random diarrhea of the mouth. My thoughts are neither organized or coherent. At least with the paid job I have keywords to write off of. It gives direction to my tumbling thoughts.

So in an effort to try and keep it slightly more organized we go with the old standby:

3 Rants And A Rave

Rant: I have a serious problem with all of the gender requirements that are accepted in our culture today. I am so sick of princess crap on little girls I could hurl. My little girl has never seen a princess. She doesn't even know what it is. She plays in the dirt and tackles and drives trucks because she wants to be like her brother. All while wearing a tutu and pink cowboy boots. She is her own girl and I love her. But everyone seems bent on pushing princess stuff on her. Today when I took her to the dentist the tech was going way over the top. She called her princess, offered her princess stickers and asked if she liked Cinderella. Each time I told her she didn't know what she was talking about. We don't own a tv and she has never seen that stuff. So she would try a different character, to which I would answer again, she doesn't know who that is.

Now, to be fair, I realize that she was just trying to make a positive experience out of something that could have been disastrous. I mean, I had a one year old at the dentist for crying out loud. But there is no other way she can approach my little girl than with princess themes? After several attempts she finally just left the room. Scarlett's confused stare was more than she could take and apparently she had no other material. I told her she was a line backer, she could have given her a truck sticker. I saw them on the counter. But she didn't.

It made me wonder what she would have done if my son was there. He is all boy, but you better believe he wears tutus as well. He wants to be like his sister just as much as she wants to be like him. I don't care. I think it is perfectly normal to see both of my kids wearing tutus as they play in the dirt together. Too bad the rest of the world seems to think there is something wrong with this.

Rant: Somehow, somewhere along the road, I got old. I mean, I am not *actually* old physically, but I am old. I am old in the turn the music down, don't drive so fast, show some respect for your elders old. I don't know how this happened. I think I am young. I feel young. I am still reckless and impulsive (in my head if not in real life, dang responsibility) and ready to have a good time. But apparently I missed the fun bus awhile back.

This became blatantly clear when a kid sat in my chair and asked for a Beiber hair cut. Beiber? What is a Beiber?

I had to go home and consult Mr. Google to find out this wasn't a what, but a who.

And then I felt old. Really old. And then I watched a Beiber music video. The cleverly named, Eenie Meenie Moe Lover. I sat there shocked at these little CHILDREN that can't even drive. I was unimpressed.

And again realized I am old.

I can't appreciate music today. Especially when songs include words such as "boobie" (Really Usher? Was that the best you could do?!?)

Rant: By my house we have roundabouts on the freeway exit. Did you know those things are supposed to reduce accidents and injuries?

I beg to differ.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY knows how to use those bad boys. In theory they are great. Those that have any driving skills at all can use them easily and continue on their merry way.

But the general public is roundabout challenged.

It is NEVER appropriate to randomly stop you vehicle on a roundabout. Also, roundabouts have lanes. You can't just go back and forth in it, especially when there are other cars in it. EVER. If you are struggling with the use of a roundabout, there are MANY sites online that teach you proper usage. Please help us all avoid a facepalm moment and potential car wrecks because you are confused by the circle.

Rave: The Hubs has been treating me with a beverage he calls The Hubs Delight. He makes it at QT, (our favorite place in the world) and surprises me with it often. I recently found out that the delight is just a Diet Mountain Dew with cherry flavoring added to it. Otherwise know as a Dew Code Red. I like my delight better. So if you are ever in the need for a tasty refreshment. Hit up the QT and try a Hubs Delight. You won't regret it.

Thanks Brittney! (I'm totally going to have to try The Hubs Delight next time I stop by QT!)

[Title quote is from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"]

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