Sunday, February 27, 2011

"But he goes in anyway, because he's not afraid of his own mind!"

You are about to experience a very rare treat indeed! (!!!)

My husband is not a writer. He will tell you so himself.

HOWEVER, when he takes occasion to sit down and write something (usually in e-mail form to his family), I perk up and take note (and ask him to send me a copy).

So, coming to you from my gem of a spouse is his Very First Guest Post EVER! (!!!)

Hi all,

I had the fortune circumstance to visit with a childhood friend of mine recently. Unfortunately I made the visit because there was a death in his family. My friend's father passed after a long struggle with his health. As I visited with him and his family, I recalled many happy and memorable memories that we created together as our friendship developed.

One in particular that I remember distinctly, was when I jumped my homemade bicycle over a ramp like Evil Kenevil. I cleared the jump fine, but soon realized my flight path was one that would clearly lead me to my physical demise. When I landed the bicycle after descending from 10ft in the air, I soon found myself heading directly towards an orange tree that greeted me with open arms. To sum it up for you, I felt pain. It was stories like this and others that helped us all bear the pain of the loss that was felt.

When I entered into the M_ family home, I always felt like I was part of the family. As I recalled this to the mother, I expressed my gratitude to her and her children for always making me feel welcomed in their home. The love that was felt was truly genuine and every bit as real as there is an earth, moon and stars.

Each M_ brother and sister asked me how my family was and how each brother was doing. As I went through the laundry list of my brothers bragging about their accomplishments, one thing stood out in my mind. The M_ family hadn't changed, they still were as genuinely concerned for my family as I am.

[Each of the siblings] all said to say Hi to my brothers and to tell them that they are thinking about them. It was incredible to me to see that the
M_ family cared, even under the dim situation that they were dealing with.

Before I left them, I took a few minutes to pay my respects to the father. He looked peaceful and finally at rest. Not far from him, in close proximity to the family were pictures of the M_ family throughout the years. As I looked upon each photo and recalled my friends in their youth, I came across a wooden placard with the words "Families are Forever" engraved upon it.

This simple statement left an impression on me that was profound enough for me to take the time to write to you this evening. I want you to know that I know that this life is a preparation for the next, and that our existence doesn't end when we pass from this earth. I know that I will be reunited with my loved ones that I miss dearly, like my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I am grateful for this knowledge and I am most grateful for each and everyone of you. You are all very special to me and I am glad to have you as my family.

I hope that you take the time to reach out to one of your brothers or your parents and tell them how much you love them.

There you have it, people.

{And now you know precisely why it is I perk up and take notice whenever my husband sits down at the keyboard with the intent to craft a letter . . . }

{And also? Now you know why it is that we were invited to give talks in church today on immortality and eternal life. . . .}

[Title quote is from "Failure to Launch"]

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Brenton and Adree Jensen said...

beautiful! LOVE IT! Way to go, husband of yours!

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