Monday, April 18, 2011

"A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind."

Following is a guest post by my budding writer of a husband. (Who knew?)

During a recent semi-annual conference for the LDS church, there was a message delivered by one of the speakers about a gardener and a bush that needed trimming. Since I inherited Dad's green thumb, I discovered in recent years that I enjoy gardening. The act of gardening is enjoyable, relaxing and it's good for your health. There is nothing more tasty than a vegetable that is freshly harvested and prepared in a meal. The tastes are delightful.

I enjoyed the story about the gardener because it was a peculiar story about a bush that had been allowed to grow wild without manicure for some time. As any gardener will know, a plant allowed to grow unrestrained will eventually grow wild and in most cases will not bear fruit. In the case of the bush aforementioned, the plant was tall, but uneven in character and size. The gardener took note of this and decided to manicure the bush, and so he began to trim back the plant until when finished the bush was now small in stature, but even in size and character.

The gardener noticed after trimming the plant that the plant began to perspire from the joints that were freshly cut. The gardener imagined for a moment that the plant spoke to him and told him, why did you cut me down, I was beautiful and tall in stature. Now look at me, I am only a small bush. The gardener thought for moment and began to wonder if he should have trimmed the bush as much as he did. Then with full purpose decided that what was done for the plant was in it's best interest, because he knew someday that it would flourish and bear fruit and be beautiful.

Another trait that I collected from my mother are dreams. I at times am the recipient of vivid dreams that sometimes leave me with more questions than answers. Recently, I had a dream about our attorney/real estate agent. In my dream, he called to give Me and Nichole an update about the home that we are trying to purchase in Mesa. Nothing was really unusual about the dream other than the fact that he told me that he had news for us.

Several months prior to this dream I had another dream about a home. When I awoke from the dream, I remember telling Nichole that I thought I saw the home that we were looking for. It wasn't more than a week later that we walked into a home that we were touring and decided to put an offer in on it. We were interested in the home because it felt like a home and it resemble much of the place that I saw in my dream.

A few days ago, we received a call from our attorney/real estate agent. He called me to tell me that he had good news; the bank had accepted our offer and that we could now begin the process of closing on the home of our interest. Now back to the story of the gardener. Since the year 2007, Nichole and I have struggled much like everyone else through the tough economic times, sometimes gainfully employed and other times not.

We would be ungrateful if we didn't express our gratitude for those who offered a hand up in our most difficult times. It was during those times that we volleyed between remembering our purpose in life and just surviving. There were many times that we felt much like the bush mentioned in the story of the gardener, cut down and with no hope of retaining the height or level that we became accustomed to. We have learned much since then and like the plant that was cut back, we have been able to grow together and flourish, and some may even say bear fruit (the birth of our son).

The story of the gardener was a story about a heavenly father, and much like a concerned and caring parent, the gardener was able to see the imperfections of the plant and know what it needed in order to inspire it's true potential. I may be young in comparison, but I am grateful for these insightful moments in my life, I cherish them, because I know that I was born to a family that is special. I know of only one other family that has all brothers like ours. We are of a unique kind and have much to be proud of from both of our familial lines. Where much is given, much is expected.

[Title quote is from "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back"]

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