Saturday, April 16, 2011

"You don't know what to do. You talk, talk, talk, all the time!"

Things have gotten. . . oh, what's the word? Weighty? Serious? Somber? Austere? Unfunny?

Mayhaps all of the above.

But, we are not done!

So, to lighten the mood, before we go and get all contemplative on you again, I have decided to share a recent He Said, She Said with you.

She Said (in a particularly giddy mood while sitting in a DQ drive-thru): I am in mini-blizzard Chocolate Cherry Love with you!
He Said (somewhat absent mindedly): I love you too. (pauses for several seconds) I want a new fly rod.
She Said: Wha. . . ? I just told you I was in Chocolate Cherry Love with you, and all you can say is you want a new fly rod? I am so blogging about this!
He Said (clearly backpeddling): No! I said I love you too! I said I love you too!
She Said: Sha!
He Said: I do! I love you! It's just that I also love fly fishing!
She Said (laughing): So you are telling me that fly fishing is your mistress?
He Said (laughing): Yes. And she ain't cheap!
She Said: Duly noted.

Coming up? More He Said, She Said! A guest post from M is next, followed by my version of the story.

[Title quote is from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"]

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