Thursday, July 7, 2011

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The Ottoman Project, Part 2

So, you want to know how to make an ottoman out of a coffee table, do you? I'm about to show you!

I combined three separate tutorials to come up with my own uniquely awesome one!

Step One: Get a cute assistant (i.e. child labor)

Step Two: Measure, mark and drill holes where you want your covered buttons to be.

Step Three:

Make covered buttons from scrap fabric. With a thick fabric like mine, you may need to use a hammer to get your button forms closed. Or you can make your trusty assistant do it.

Step Four: Spray the table with adhesive. Spray the foam pieces with adhesive.
Carefully line each foam piece up with the table, then place the foam on the table, with adhesive sides together.

Step Five:

Cut enough batting to fit over the top of the foam, plus at least three inches.

Remove top of table from legs and wrap the top in batting. Starting at center of one side, begin stapling batting in place pulling batting down, diagonally and back in toward edge. Stop stapling 3 inches from corner. Repeat on opposite side, then move to unstapled sides.

Finish the corners like you're folding a crisp, flat sheet corner, folded and tucked under, pulled taut and stapled securely. Repeat this for each corner.

Step Six: Place your fabric over the table top, centering design if necessary. Staple the same way as the batting and cut off excess fabric as you go.

Work carefully to get corners nice and snug.

Step Seven:

Cut 14-18 inch pieces of upholstery or crochet thread. Loop end through eye of needle and tie off ends with a small washer. Using the drilled holes as a guide, feed the thread up through the bottom of the foam and fabric.

The washers will anchor the thread: Feed the needle through the eye of the button, then back through the foam and hole in the table. Make sure the tuft is as taut as you like, then tie the thread off on the washer.

Step Eight: Put the legs back on the top.

Voila! You now have an ottoman!

(Be on the look out for the octopus version of this tutorial.)

[Title quote is from "Chaos Theory"]


Danielle said...

That looks great! I love the fabric! When you officially get into the refinishing furniture business, let me know, as I've got a bunch of projects I'm too lazy/scared to start. :)

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

Looks very cute! Great job!

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