Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Quiver ladies, quiver."

On Monday morning, I brushed both the tangles from my hair and the germs from my teeth and I pondered over the number 35. It is the number my husband has aged himself to and for the first time in our married history, his age has him rattled. Like facing his own mortality kind of rattled. Like doing a mental sum of life’s achievements so far and determining they don’t add up to 35 kind of rattled.

“It’s halfway to 70” he said to me on Sunday, just before he retreated into that deeply thoughtful place he sometimes goes, from which it is difficult to fetch him back.

I tried not to let his rattling take me captive too. I mean, I only just calmed my own rattling age cage down and decided that 30-something is definitely the place to be!

So, to help calm my husband's poor, addling rattling, here are some things that definitely add up to 35!

My M:
1. is funny and makes me laugh about 85% of the time.
2. impresses us by fixing things (just ask C, who still says all the time "Dada fix it fan!")
3. LOVES to go fishing.
4. hates hunting.
5. is very supportive of things I want to do.
6. loves being outside (it's hereditary).
7. takes care of the dog.
8. is handy around the house and yard.
9. loves him some power tools.
10. owns 3 "boats".
11. reads to learn and inform himself.
12. is a thinker.
13. is a worrier.
14. has light brown eyes.
15. always wears his wedding ring.
16. rarely uses the computer.
17. would go to sporting goods stores every day if he could.
18. is a great husband and a loving father.
19. likes clothes shopping.
20. is my best friend.
21. keeps people's secrets secret.
22. is very loyal.
23. is very trustworthy.
24. is diligent.
25. works hard at work and at home.
26. has a sweet tooth.
27. finds it difficult to be idle.
28. likes the newspaper.
29. is health conscious.
30. sees what needs to be done and does it.
31. has a good heart.
32. has a cool first name.
33. ages like a fine wine.
34. is my favoritest favorite.
35. has the best laugh.

[Title quote is from "The Fifth Element"]

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