Friday, March 16, 2012

"I think the metaphor broke my spleen."

So, after my last post, I got to thinking about things I should have said but didn't.

Part of the issue that precipitated all this is that I am not good with change and we've gone from a ward with a very broad demographic and socioeconomic base to one that's demographically and socioeconomically narrow. I feel now more than ever we have to figure out how to "be our own people" in order to stand in the place where we live and also raise our kids the way we want in the midst of all this - both in LDS culture and the wider world as well.

The trouble I have with blind conformity is the lack of true passion and effort of thought it implies. (There I go being judgmental again.) Personal study, personal prayer, and personal revelation have that "personal" quantifier on the front of them for a reason. We are expected to do some work. . . .

The part I shouldn't have left out is that my personal truth comes from looking and studying out the issue, and then from praying about it. This is how I make my decisions. I could not live without talking things over with a loving Heavenly Father: it's like air to me.

In church one Sunday someone said something like "Sometimes we just have to live with our decisions. We can't just abandon them in favor of some perceived greater happiness. There are too many people who rely on my ability to make decisions."

I thought of those articles I read.

And I was shaking my head in vigorous agreement.

[Title quote is from "Rango"]

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