Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Got an issue? Here's a tissue."

Sucky Customer Service, Part 2.

We were defrauded on our bank account, both online and with our debit card. Long story short, we have no debit cards, no checks, just our photo IDs, a small stash of cash, and our word that we do, in fact, have some money in a bank somewhere.

So, I go to do T-Day shopping during lunch today. When I walk in, Fry's is a madhouse. But still, I manage to navigate all the winter visitors (BTW, they steer carts worse than they drive) and get all my stuff, and a few things we need around the house, in little under half an hour.

I get up to the checkout, write out a "counter" check I received from my bank for the amount of the bill and hand it to the cashier, who tells me they can't take checks without pre-printed names/addresses on them "because of all the fraud" - to which I reply "you've GOT to be kidding me!" She assures me she is not, but will check with a manager to appease me.

The manager finally comes over, and when the cashier points to the top right-hand corner of my check, takes one look and says "I'm sorry (phrase of the day at Fry's) but we don't take starter checks. It's against our policy because of all the fraud (runner-up phrase of the day)". Beginning to lose my patience, I explain that I've been the victim of fraud, have no debit card, no other checks or form of payment, hence said check. I ask her if she can call the bank to verify the check. No. They ask me if I can go to my bank and get cash. No. Too far! They offer to hold the groceries for me - because they'd hate to have me have to shop all over again! And then proceed to tell me the first phrase of the day at least 3 more times to which I reply: "I'm sure you are!" and "I hear ya!" as I'm walking out the store, my face burning and temper flaming.

As soon as I clear the doors, I call M and relay the whole sad, enfuriating story to him. And I start crying. Yes, you read that right. Crying. Not just small tears of frustration. Full-on crying. And telling him how I've wasted my time, and they were so rude, and we should boycott Fry's, and now we have one more thing to do tonight. . . I blame PMS!

[Title Quote is from "Austin Powers in Goldmember"]


Jen said...

That is way sad! oh so frustrating! I can't believe it. that unbelievable. (i did love how you said that they drive carts worse than cars) so sad, i am "insert fry's word of the day here", I really am!

Caroline said...

That's so frustrating. They easily could have called the bank to verify, especially after you explained the situation.grrrr. Jerks.

trina said...

@$$holes!!!! i would have thrown a down right fit there in the store!!!

Karen said...

Oh Nichole! I can totally relate. The same exact thing happened to us last year, and it was the same time of year. Stupid Wells Fargo kept insisting I put my pin number in on my keyboard at home and that's how someone authorized the $1000 transfer that took place OUT of my account! As if I'm stupid enough to enter my atm pin on my computer at dumb do they think we are!?!!

So frustrating! I'm mad for you. I hope you got it all figured out. (I still have trouble remembering my new pin numbers!)

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