Monday, November 12, 2007

"I’m not a completely ridiculous person!"

So, this morning I'm renting a Rug Doctor at my local Fry's (and really trying to refrain from surreptitiously swapping my attachment bag with the folded over handles for the newer and better looking one still hanging on the display - told you I'm weird) when the customer service lady asks me to sign for the rental. When I (gasp!) begin to read what I'm signing, she says to me "It's just signing that you're renting it." OK, but I'd still like to know what I'm signing. . . you know?

Which reminds me of an experience I had at AJ's Fine Foods on Saturday night. First of all, the sushi bar guy wouldn't make our sushi - because he couldn't do it in a half hour and that would put him "way past" closing time (aka 5 minutes). Bonehead!

Then, at the pastry counter, I specifically ask the broad behind the counter for a dulce de leche cake. I even read it off the sign, and point it out in the case for her. While simultaneously carrying on a conversation with her pastry counter co-worker, she goes to grab dulce de leche cheesecake. OK, I understand where she may have been confused, and I quickly exclaim "no! not cheesecake! Cake!" To which she retorts "we don't have that cake. we have Tiramisu." I tell her that I'm reading off of the sign they have posted and whatever it is they are calling the dulce de leche slice now, I'd like that. Then I pause and ask "doesn't the Tiramisu have coffee?" When she replies in the affirmative, and despite her assurance that it's "yummy" I tell her that I don't do coffee, and reiterate that I want the dulce de leche, again pointing to the little 3x2 sign with the curly writing!

She finally says, loud enough for the crowd that has now gathered around me to hear and start to stare, "Oh! You want the caramel slice!" So, she boxes it up (finally!) and as she's ringing me up, says to me:

"Since your friends are being nice to you, I will too. If it were me, I'd make fun of you. I'd call you a total blonde!"

What an absolutely snarky, rude BEAST!!!! Hel-lo! Who doesn't know their own product!?! I'm not the blonde, here, obviously. OH and you can believe that I grumbled about it for at least 15 minutes after we left the store! (And, anyway, as T informs me, I'm NOT blonde anymore, I'm bronde!)

I just love customer service in the 21st century, don't you?

[Title quote is from "The Family Stone"]


trina said...

omg, what a biotch!! if i were there i'd have said somethin nasty to her!!

Jen said...

that is funny! i hate it when people are rude, it is so rude!! i can't believe she said that about being blonde that was going too far. it was one thing to be obnoxious and loud so everyone could hear but then to just be mean like that is messed up! i can't believe you only grumbled about it for 15 minutes. i still talk about the guy that "hey lady" ed me at mcdonalds and that was at least 9 months ago!!

Kristine said...

That is hillarious! It always amazes me how some customer service people haven't heard the saying "the customer is right" Not that as the customer , we are always right but you WERE! how rude. I think I would have made a trip to the manager with that one.

Caroline said...

okay, well, I give you mega props because I would've been ALL over her. How dare YOU be that stupid and then reference how I'm the dumb one. OH, it's on cake lady... it is on.

Nichole said...

BTW, thanks ladies for the outpouring of support! Much e-love!

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