Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Please don't eat the pictures! Awww, this is going to be long night."

I've posted some pics of Hawaii. It was a lot of work, and still didn't turn out how I wanted. We came home with 952 pics, but I won't bore you with all of them. You can see about 200 of them here (scroll down), even though they're all mixed up and out of order. Oh well. I tried!

[Title quote is from "Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art"]


Jen said...

okay, so gorgeous! maybe one day we can go too and then you guys will have been a gazillion times and can tell us where to go, or we can go together! It is sooooo pretty! (and a little side note... have you lost weight? you are looking great!)((you know that isn't meant to be you were fat before right? it just means that you look great, oh well you know!))

Jen said...

by the way what was the 113th picture of? I loved it!

Nichole said...

Jen - it really IS so pretty! It's almost unreal. We tried to capture it to bring it home to family and friends. I hope it worked!

UR so great to notice (and put it in a side note!) I'm definitely working on it.

Also, is the number 113 just arbitrary (and a little smart-alecky) or are you serious?

Caroline said...

ohmygosh! those floral pictures are amazing! I'm a lil bit jealous of you. Plus, whoa, your hair is LONG.

Jen said...

totally sarcastic!!

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