Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey."

Pecked into Waking

The persistent melody breaks into my consciousness like a stealthy thief. I push the button that's supposed to immediately transport me back. But I'm not snoozing. I'm hovering. Between wakefulness and fatigue. Sleep tugs my arm and pulls me back to its cozy darkness. Where I don't have to think. At least for another 10 minutes.

The melody erupts again, spilling quickly across the border and hailing me back once again. The promised 10 minutes are gone - and I'm not any richer for them.

I decide that waking is just unnatural altogether. And waking by alarm clock (or screaming children, barking dogs, or noisy neighbors) is just an artificial, contemporary form of torture. Seriously! They have historical museums all over that show tools of torture from the distant past - and when they do one for our era, it will have an alarm clock and pictures of a teary child, a dog with the word "woof" coming from it's mouth, and a Harley Davidson. I'm sure of it!

I'm not the type who wakes up, sun beaming across the room, smile beaming across my face, gently bending and twisting my body into a graceful morning stretch before bounding out of bed, full of zestful excitement to start the day.


I'm the type who has a darkening shade, a blanket tacked to the wall over the darkening shade, AND an ill-fitting sleep mask, all designed to block out the light of the increasingly early day that's hailing me awake. And I begin to question "Do those cheery, top o' the morning types we see in movies really even exist??" Honestly!

[Title quote is from "Kill Bill Vol. 2"]


Kimberly said...

Beautifully expressed!

I need to get me one of those darkening shades!

Danielle said...

I won't say I'm a cheery person in morning, but I'm definitely not a night-owl. I prefer the morning. Caleb, on the other hand, is not a morning person. Which is why I love to send the kids in to wake him up. They like to point out his eyes and ears and nose, but he's too nice to push them away.

I guess it is a form of torture. Hee hee hee.

hayngrl101 said...

yah they exist. i'm raising three of them...

Jen said...

I think i might be one of those. when i worked i snoozed till the very last minute but now i can wake up happy and usually ready to go. sorry!!

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