Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"The heart is an organ of fire."

Chalk this up on the "best decision I ever made" list: September 23, 1999.

It's officially official - We've been married 9 years!


And now a tribute to my hub:

I LOVE you 'cause
you make me laugh all the time
like when you threaten
the alarm clock
with waking it up next time
and mock its stupid chime
to show it who is boss

I LOVE you 'cause
you pretend to
play Yankee Doodle
on your Sonicare "flute"

I LOVE you 'cause
you put watermelons
under your shirt
and then pose for pictures
while I laugh with hilarity

I LOVE you 'cause
we speak the
same magic
teethbrushing language

I LOVE you 'cause
you do funny little dances
and shake it good
and you make up words
to songs and sing
in chicken speak

I LOVE you 'cause
you're the only husband
I know who willingly
goes shoe shopping
and purse shopping
and clothes shopping
and likes it
and expresses an opinion
and has great taste

I LOVE you 'cause
we do some serious serious giggling
about the craziest most random stuff

I LOVE you 'cause
you're down to earth
and calm
and we talk deeply

I LOVE you 'cause
my magnificent amygdala
loves loves loves
your smell

I LOVE you 'cause
you're intellectual
and handsome
and tall
and dark
and lovely

I LOVE you 'cause
you're the perfect blend
of serious and silly

I LOVE you 'cause
you make waffles
and pancakes
and steel cut oatmeal
on Sunday mornings

I LOVE you 'cause
you have my back 100%
and tell me I am beautiful

I LOVE you 'cause
you believe in me
and love me for me
(even when I'm whackadoodle)

I LOVE you 'cause
you watch my shows
so you know where
'whackadoodle' comes from

I LOVE you 'cause
you encourage me
and make me believe
I can do anything
- any thing -

I LOVE you 'cause
you speak highly of me
when I'm not around

I LOVE you 'cause
you have a profound,
abiding sense of
what it means to be a family

I LOVE you 'cause
you have adorable laugh lines
that crinkle around your brown eyes
when you smile

I LOVE you 'cause
you can talk to everyone
without fear or judgement
and you just have 'that way' about you

I LOVE you 'cause
you are my bestest friend
my smashingest mate
my lover
my rock
my touchstone
my happiness

I LOVE you 'cause


My how the years have flown!
But you know what they say about time and having fun. . .

[Title quote is from "The English Patient"]


Danielle said...


Jen said...

that is the cutest tribute EVER!! and i love that you said "smashingest"!
happy 9!

Kimberly said...

What a fabulous tribute! Congrats babe!

Trina said...


Jonathan & Katherine Earl said...

I sure was hungry during your sealing! Could you hear my stomach?

Happy Anniversary!


Kristine said...

Sriously, that was really sweet. Congrats felllow 99'er. Oh and I love the "wacadoodle" cause I LOVE that show and I called my husband that the other night and he said that I couldn't say that unless I started talking about myself in third person.

Salena said...

That was the CUtest thing ever! You are so good to think of all the little fun things that make your relationship!

Happy Anniversary you 2!

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

okay Nichole, time to pick up the ball and write another blog :)

Michelle said...

Hey, so i know you were in THE ZONE when i saw you running this morning! Sorry i threw you off! I was just leaving for the morning- and i knew you didn't recognize me, but all i could think to say was, "What are you doing??" I'm running you said! I love it!! Since you're an expert at running- i'd love to set a goal with ya and do a 5K or half marathon!!! What do ya think???

Michelle Hall said...

Cute! Happy Late Anniversary!

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