Friday, December 12, 2008

"Good morning, starshine... the earth says hello!"

Random musings that are blowing around my mind
like so much mist and vapor:

people seem to be so much more touchy about things lately,

even though it's "the most wonderful time of the year".

my husband uses 3 times more soap than I do . . . why???

if mortgage rates drop another percent, I'll be so excited.

claymation Christmas cartoons freak me out a little.

do we really use our Blockbuster account enough to justify keeping it?

I've never been more grateful for a christmas tree than I am this year

I'm not quite sure why ~ but neither has M

he told me on Monday he said a prayer of thanks for our tree

(even though people are knocking blue as a Christmas color
and our tree is red, silver, and blue).

. . .grateful, grateful, grateful. . .

the double fudge brownies our UT friends brought us are delectable!

(thanks J &K!)

what makes a person who likes to sleep in wake up at 3 a.m. with no hope of returning to sleep?

I'm not missing the mall at all. or Target. or Walmart.

my mom taught me to lay my clothes out the night before

so why do I only lay clothes out the night before I travel?

how cold will it get before we turn our heater on?

meanwhile, I still don't have my winter clothes pulled out

or my summer clothes put away

but I've learned to love scarves

for which I blame the French. and the Italians.

why is no one talking about why gas prices are so low? (no, seriously.)

and will there be an explanation about why they go up again?

I'm very much loving studying about the "real" reason for Christmas!

this is probably the theme song for my life right now.

if I ever get free time,

I'll catch up on reading the books on my nightstand

and updating the photo albums also on my nightstand

and cataloguing and archiving all our pictures sitting on my hard drive.

but free time is elusive. . .

much like my thoughts, which lately come and go and come and go

flitting and flying like a hummingbird,

never quite coming to rest

[Title quote is from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (2005)]


Michelle said...

You are an amazing writer! Thanks for your words; i'm feeling like we're on the same wave length! We truly are giving more this year! You're either feeling the Christmas spirit or you're not! It's that simple. BTW-I'm lovin' the gas prices! Silver lining....or blue! I like 'em both!

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

I wonder the same thing about my husband and the soap! I love this time of year, especially with a two-year old who runs out to see the Christmas tree every morning shouting, "Santa not come yet!?" We got a foot pedal device so he can turn the lights on and off himself...very important for an independent guy like him! Have a WONDERFUL Christmas! --Katherine

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