Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"My wife does not lament my absences. And is either the best of wives... or the very, very worst."

I'm so not going to win any Wife of the Year award.

~I was secretly glad when M wasn't home at lunch today. It's the first day since mid-December that this has happened. I sort of miss my lunch hours spent as a recluse in the comfort of my empty house.

~I couched it tonight while M was gone at his church meeting tonight. Instead of buying groceries.

~The laundry is sitting around the house in motley piles, in varying stages of cleanliness - including one load that is currently mildewing in the washing machine.

~Uploading any new pics on the Mac has been strictly verboden because we only have 16 of 60 Gb of memory left, but I'm secretly plotting to defy my husband and upload my pics so I can give you a photo tour of our January and February.

~Now that he's done with school, I made M a honey do list with all the dirty deeds I don't want to do: bathe the dogs, clean the baseboards and door frames, wipe out the fridge, clean the floors. . . and so on.

~I didn't keep dinner warm tonight. (But at least I made it.)

Even though there's no award with my name on it (at least in 2009), I love that man!! Who else would put up with me?

[Title quote is from "Kingdom of Heaven"]


Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

This made me laugh! I totally understand the list of things that I don't want to do, but neither does anyone else...maybe I can convince Andrew that he wants to do all the dirty work around here. I wish I could put off the groceries...we have to buy milk so often that I end up buying more than I should more often than I should...especially if Andrew thinks something is a "treat"...who can resist his cute little smile and voice?! --Katherine

Jen said...

this is fabulous!! I so have days like that!

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