Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"That's good, 'cause you're gonna miss me, boy."

On days like today every decision feels mountainous. Getting out of bed is a chore (oh, my exhausted body and catching neck!) Just yesterday I was all set to get to start getting bed earlier, getting up earlier, pumping earlier, then go running! Today I was almost ready to crawl around on the floor (if only my neck weren’t so catchy!). My head (and neck!) hurt so badly that I contemplated not showering. I felt like Jane in Friends with Money when she stops washing her hair because, really, what’s the point: it’s just going to get dirty again and she’s going to have to wash it all over tomorrow. (Then I remembered her husband yelling something about “That’s what civilized people do! They wash their hair!” and I got in the shower.)

I stayed up way too late last night. Very much my own fault. (Don’t you hate it when you awaken crappily and it is entirely of your own doing? Ew. That’s the worst!) (for what it’s worth, I still think my pillow beats me in my sleep.) The result is that I feel like a truck hit me. I even told M so when first I spoke to him this morning. “I feel like a truck hit me!” said I. “Well, you don’t look like it! You look cute!” said he. I was too flattened by a proverbial truck to really appreciate that compliment.

So, as I stood under the (hot!) water, still only partially committed to actually showering, applying makeup, and getting dressed for the day, my stiff neck aching, and the clock proclaiming my increasing lateness to work, I made a resolution. No more laptop in the evenings. Period. No more! Books? Fabulous! TV? Acceptable. But no more working on the laptop trying to catch up on blogs, FB, etc!

(Last night, for the first time, I understood all you silly FarmVille addicts. I was fiendishly trying to update my “Where Have I Been” map under my new FB “Travel” tab, trying to amass the cities I’ve been too and it was the utter definition of insanity.) (Btw, I’ve apparently traveled 2% of the world.) (How cool would it be to travel, say, 60% of the world before leaving it forever?) (Pretty freakin’ cool, that’s how.) (Even now I’m sitting here thinking of cities I need to add to my list.) (Addict!) (Hence, my new “no laptop” resolution.)

Another showerly resolution? Running. It has taken me almost a full 7 months to feel like I’m not falling over with fatigue (this morning excepted), and it’s high time I get my rear in gear – at least on 3 mornings each week. Given that the calendar has ticked over into June, and the summer is sure to be scorching, and I have already done the summer running thing once before and I know just how brutal that morning summer sun can be, even in the wee daybreak hours. . . I looked up the weather. (Did you know you could look it up an hourly forecast?) The way I figure it, thanks to, it will be between 75-80 degrees at 6:30 in the morning. Perfect running weather! (Well, at least for summer in AZ!) And so, tomorrow, I will (finally!) begin.

The moral of this tale is that neither you or I will lament nor marvel at my anticipated scarcity around these parts. I, for my part, will be running and getting some much needed perspective on things. You, for your part, will be impressed that I am finally keeping my word (and my goal) – because that’s what you ScoSo readers do, you digital cheerleaders, you. And it will be a mutual missing, to be sure. But we will survive!

[Title quote is from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"]


Danielle said...

If I've already mentioned this, please ignore my comment. But did I mention taking a vitamin b complex? I've heard it helps with energy blah blah blah, but didn't think much of it until I realized I'd been feeling pretty wiped out for a long time after Grant was born. I started taking this one. I could tell a big difference.

P.S. I think showering a waste of time too. I only do it often enough so I don't offend those who have to live with me. :P

Miranda said...

Don't feel bad... I'm in the same boat. Since summer vacation started, I've been getting up much later and, therefore, getting to work late. I keep telling myself that I will start running (C25K)soon, but that never happens. Part of that is because I am waiting on my wonderful hubby to go pick up a treadmill our friend is giving us, since I no longer live on the canal and have that easy access to a running route. I've been waiting for over 2 months now...

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