Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Remember: They give extra points for alacrity and effulgence."

Christmas 2010 is over. The telltale aftermath?
My house is a wreck.
I find myself bored with the sudden lack of hubbub.
Relieved it wasn't too stressful.
Realizing that I have a long way to go to earn the title of "good cook".
And that laughing with family is the best medicine.
{Even if I am still (still!) sickly.}
I now fear the worst: that the baby has caught something too.
Let us hope (and pray) not!

I look forward to Christmas's second cousin coming to visit.
Isn't New Year's the best?
But only because it immediately follows Christmas.
I am convinced that otherwise it would lose its luster.

I have big plans for 2011.
It feels momentous, though I have no idea why.
I feel like some order is in order.

Training is supposed to start tomorrow.
I was planning on running inside.
BUT, I foresee hocking and spitting (stupid sickness) and just might have to take things outside.

And there's that whole home office reorg project we've got planned.
And M's new business to start.
And his graduation ceremony.

And who knows what else!

[Title quote is from "Bring It On"]

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